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Since 2015 Koibanx leads the technological revolution which the financial industry is going through. Building a Blockchain-based financial software platform which enables tokenized payments, invoicing and loyalty processing at lower transactional costs and faster settling times.


Our platform allows the integration of these solutions into traditional organizations of the financial system (banks, finance companies, insurance companies, fiduciaries, cooperatives) in a seamless way, tokenizing financial assets on top of the most important Blockchain protocols.


A Blockchain protocol functions as a distributed ledger that keeps a permanent record of all transactions and balances. It works as a decentralized database made up of computers that belong to a p2p network (peer-to-peer). Each computer in the distributed network maintains an identical copy of the ledger providing complete resilience and transparency for all records logged. 




Mint Payments Module

The Mint payments module enables the custody, transfer and collecting of e-money in real time and at the best rates. Users and businesses belonging to the network will be able to receive and transfer money to and from any bank or wallet without leaving their app from which they can buy online, receive news and interact.



The Abiko module allows automatic reconciliation and compensation of accounts. Our clients report payments and
transactions, define the parties involved, the reconciliation rules and the debt limits. ABIKO will automatically show the balance and account state.
All compensation logic is handled directly
on Blockchain, providing all parties involved with complete visibility to audit the process.



The Remittance module allows our clients
and their end users to make payments, collections and personal or corporate remittances between Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico and
Peru at the best prices in the market thanks to using crypto. Both the payer and
beneficiary always see the remittance in their local currency.


Mint Loyalty Module

It allows to create multiple programs including points, rewards and vouchers with very flexible parameters. Our clients can set-up dynamic allocation, expiration and redemption rules for each user segment. Different types of points and assets can coexist among them. This module allows the conversion of points into money and vice versa.


Tokenized Invoicing

It allows end-to-end digitalization of the purchase and sale of invoices and receivables. SMEs upload their invoices, validate them in the corresponding organism (DIAN, AFIP, SAT, Cavali, etc.) and sell them totally or partially.

Likewise, SMEs may transfer all or part of their receivables among suppliers, giving liquidity to their invoices, using them as a means of payment in the production chain.

Our clients will be able to offer third-party investors (SME Funds, professional investors, money desks, etc.) the possibility to buy all or part of their SMEs' invoices at the platform which becomes a marketplace in itselft.


Doc Stamping

It allows the certification, signing and notarization of documents on the most relevant Blockchain protocols. We give our clients the possibility of saving sensitive documents in a transparent way, as well as registering the exact date and signers of the transaction.
Doing this on Blockchain results in cost savings compared to traditional alternatives.





To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



      Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Whatsapp: +54 9 11 5119 4739


      Montevideo, Uruguay

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      Bogotá, Colombia

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Thanks for your message!




Yesika Padilla
Director of Davivienda's
Innovation Labs

“Blockchain is a technology with a lot of potential in the financial industry which is in constant evolution. The Koibanx team has been crucial in guiding us along the way, understanding and choosing the best way to implement it. We are happy with our constant achievements thanks to their technology” 

Norberto Mathys
CEO of Banco de Valores

“Many fintechs have very disruptive ideas but fail because they lack knowledge of the technical, functional and legal implications of the real financial system. The Koibanx team has demonstrated a deep understanding of this landscape to implement products which have a concrete product-market-fit.” 

Andrés Fiorotto
Manager of Digital Transformation
Rio Uruguay Seguros

“Innovation for financial institutions always results in the complexity of integrating legacy systems with new technologies, while we seek to provide the best services to our users. The Koibanx platform turned out to be a one-stop-shop to solve both concerns”

Fernando Padilla
CEO of Pretmex and President of ASOFOM

“SOFOMEs are a fundamental piece in the Mexican financial system. More than 70% of the country's SMEs financing depends on them. Due to costs, SOFOMEs have not had easy access to technology. The Koibanx platform presents us with an accessible possibility, due to its SaaS model, to be able to lower our costs through tech and reach a greater number of users”